"I have a true passion for health and fitness"


Hi and welcome to Mari-Carmen Fitness, as you can probably guess by the name of my business my name is ‘Mari-Carmen’. I am a friendly, driven and supportive personal trainer with lots of experience in health and fitness. Being a health and fitness freak for a long time I decided to train to be a personal trainer as this is where my passion lies. My aim is to support and educate all ages and abilities about the importance of health and fitness. Through this support and guidance my main drive is to help my clients set realistic and achievable goals no matter what shape, size or stage they are at in their fitness journey. But most importantly it needs to be fun and enjoyable! I always meet with my clients first to discuss their health, fitness background and gain further information regarding their goals in order for me to plan a tailored and individual programme to suit. Some people may not feel comfortable nor confident to train in a gym, which is why I train my clients in the comfort of my studio where they will feel relaxed. However, if you would rather train from the comfort of your own home or a local park this is something we can also discuss. 

Since having my son in February 2017, I have developed a particular interest in pre and post natal training. Many women are scared to train during pregnancy incase they cause harm to the baby. I trained until 39 weeks with my son, yes my exercise intensity changed however I was still moving my body. I believe exercising throughout my pregnancy led to my quick recovery post natally. I have since completed a qualification in Pre and Post Natal fitness training and have undergone specialist post natal education with Burrell Education. If you are unsure on what exercise to do during pregnancy and post natal, please drop me an email. I would be more than happy to help.


"Sore today STRONG tomorrow"

You should also know that I am a experienced paediatric nurse therefore have a lot of knowledge surrounding anatomy and physiology and how good/bad health and fitness can impact on this. However, my main passion lies with personal training and this is what I spend a lot of my days doing. I am a wife and busy mummy to my beautiful little boy Arthur, who was born earlier this year (2017) so I can relate to all you new mummies out there who want to get their pre-pregnancy body back. It is so difficult to juggle being a mummy and looking after yourself. However, I am a strong believer of happy healthy mummy means happy children, surely thats what everyone wants right? For me keeping fit and strong is my ‘me’ time and having time for yourself is so important to keep sane from this busy busy world we live in.

If I can change peoples way of thinking surrounding health, fitness and help them work towards feeling happy in their body and mind, this would give me great satisfaction and will have achieved what I set out to achieve.

I am also a keen runner, I have completed many half marathons and in 2015 I completed the London Marathon. I hope to complete another marathon in the future. 


*REP’s Level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals)
*Personal Trainer Level 3
*Gym Instructor Level 2
*Strength and conditioning
*Indoor Cycling (spinning)
*Suspension training

The Studio

Set in the heart of Leamington, my studio at home offers clients a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere/space to train. No waiting for equipment or worrying about the thought of training in a large commercial gym. My studio is equipped with a large selection of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. Battle rope, TRX, spin bike, bosu ball, medicine balls, slam balls, pilates balls, resistance bands and ViPRs. This keeps training varied, challenging and fun at the same time.