Happy Holidays!

So, the holiday season is upon us and the Christmas parties/socials are flowing I am sure, which only means LOADS of food and LOADS of drink. You all are probably thinking ‘argh its Christmas, why not, I'll worry about it in January’. Fair comment, it IS Christmas and I don’t expect you to be sitting at home chewing on a carrot like Rudolf, I certainly won’t be doing that! However, what I will be doing is limiting the damage by enjoying myself with food and drink in moderation and ensuring I am eating ‘clean and balanced’ meals in between all the socialising along with keeping active over the festive period. After all it is a lifestyle change. 

So my top tip is; If you know you are going out for say 4 meals in one week and you are worried about staying healthy then why not pick one of these meals where you do order what you fancy off the menu (just a main), then save your 'sweet treat' for the other meal you are going out for rather than splurging all in one sitting. Then the other two meals pick something as healthy as possible, there are always healthy alternatives to choose from off the menu. For example, steak, grilled fish, grilled chicken, anything tomato based is always good and try to avoid the ‘creamy sauces’. Swap your chips for boiled potatoes and ask for extra vegetables to fill up on. If you can be healthy throughout Christmas you can do anything!!! Keep focused on your long term goals and you will soon see the gains. 

If you are worried about how you are possibly going to fit the gym in over the Christmas period, again it is what I have said before a ‘lifestyle change’ and should form part of your weekly routine. Why not try and keep some exercise in and try out my HIIT workout below this won’t take you any longer than 30 minutes so anyone can fit this in to their busy day. 

Do each exercise for 20 seconds and then have 60 seconds off. Repeat this 4 times.  

Then why not at the end give your abs a blast and try the following; 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds Russian twists, 30 seconds single leg v sit ups.