Transformation Thursday...

I am very proud to share this transformation with you all. This lovely lady has been training with me for over a year now. Anna started training with me in 2017, she had never really done much exercise but really wanted to get fit and lose some weight.

I remember our first few sessions (Anna wouldn't mind me saying this);  her strength and cardiovascular fitness wasn't the best. We set some realistic goals and within months of starting Anna was well on her way to achieve her long term goal. Anna soon got the 'fitness bug' and took up running as a hobby and in June 2017 ran the 'Two Castles 10km run" in under a hour!!!!! During our sessions it was evident that Anna was getting stronger and had more stamina, she was kicking the weight racks ass!! 

So since training with Anna she has lost over 3 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes. This is all down to Anna setting realistic and achievable goals. Every 6-8 weeks we would sit down and review Anna's progress to ensure she is staying on programme and then devised/manipulated a plan in order to achieve her long term goal. The main point here, is Anna got her nutrition right (most importantly changed her way of life) and her self determination and dedication got her the results she wanted. WELL DONE Anna, I am so proud! . 

If you would like help on how you can achieve your goals, I would be more than happy to help. Everything is achievable when you set realistic goals and the NUTRITION IS RIGHT!! 

transformation anna .JPG