Work that back...

Hi everyone, hope you are all settling back into work and January isn't too depressing for you all. I personally hate this time of year, its so dark and cold and just wish summer would hurry up. Its so difficult getting motivated to exercise when its so dark outside. However (ha), remember half the battle is getting yourself to the gym to do the workout....soooooooo try not to think about it too much, whack those trainers on and just go for it!! Before you have time to think about it you would have done it and will be feeling super gooooood! 

One of my favourite sessions is when I train my back. Nowadays most people spend a lot of their time sat at a desk at work and do little exercise/strength work, especially for their back. I see a lot of clients who have posture problems(kyphosis and lordosis) and back related pain. Its so important to have a strong back in order to protect yourself from injury. 

Here are a series of exercises I carry out during my back workout, give these a go when you are next at the gym. Any questions please drop me an email @ 

Enjoy xxx