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Muddy Stilettos Warwickshire awards 2018

As many of you may have known I was entered into the Muddy Stilettos Warwickshire Awards 2018 for 'best fitness instructor'. I did not expect to make the finals neither did I expect to win. 

On Saturday 19th May I received a phone call from Jane at Muddy Stilettos announcing I had won the 'best fitness instructor Warwickshire' category. I couldn't quite believe it when Jane told me. I received the phone call whilst watching my 15 month old in his swimming lesson with his daddy (this is how we roll on a Saturday morning). 

Unfortunately the award ceremony was a few days later which was when we had planned a family week away to Cornwall. However, I met Jane and Catherine a week later where they then presented me with the award. It was great to get to know them, understand their career journeys and network some more. I am excited to work with Catherine again in the future, watch the space. 

Love and health xxx

winner muddy stilletos .jpg
Catherine @muddystilettoswark and I 

Catherine @muddystilettoswark and I