Goal setting

Be bold, Be brave, Be you....

Anyone that knows me or has read my profile will understand that my background is Paediatric Nursing. I qualified over 5 years ago and soon started my career at Birmingham Children's Hospital. 

I have always had a passion for health, fitness and wellbeing; always making time for my own fitness and health. This has always been a high priority of mine in order to live a happy life. Exercise is 'me' time away from all the stressors of day-to-day life. Since I started training over 10 years ago I soon noticed a positive change in my body and my own wellbeing. This positive change has made me want to help others so they can make positive changes to their lives. 

SO....when I had my little boy last February I decided to use the time off on maternity leave (some would call me mad) to train as a Personal Trainer in order to pursue my dream. I did just that and since doing my qualifications last year, I have completed many more developmental courses to complement my Personal Trainer qualification.  I am so proud of what I have achieved over the last 12 months. Also, I am so thankful of my ever growing client base for all your support, its so great watching you all achieve your goals and growing into more confident and happy people. 

As the months went by my client base and workload has increased, so I knew I would have to make some pretty difficult decisions regarding returning to work as a 'Paediatric Nurse'. At the start of 2018 I decided to take the plunge and hand my resignation in at work. I am too busy with my clients to hold down a part-time nursing job too, as well as being a mummy to my beautiful son. This is time I will never get back, the last thing I want to do is be working lots of hours between 2 jobs, and missing spending quality time with my little boy. 

So the point of this blog really is to share with you my journey, my hard decisions I have had to make and give you some inspiration really to go out there and follow your dreams. I know it sounds all a bit 'cringe' but life REALLY is too short, time goes by soooooo quick to not be enjoying what you spend more than half of your life doing; working!! You will always get the people that take NO interest WHATSOEVER  about what you are dong, I personally ignore those people because its you who is doing the brave thing; following your dreams. You are all capable of amazing things, put your mind to it, make a plan and then you'll achieve. 





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New year resolutions....

Hope you have all had a great festive season and a happy new year to you all. January is only 3 days away which means a lot of you will be setting new years resolutions.  I bet one of these is to lose some weight and get fit. I bet this is a New Years resolution that you set every year and by February have already given up. 

There is no shame in failure, but maybe ask yourself why did you fail? You have probably set unrealistic goals and are following some 'fad diet' that doesn't work. Like I keep saying its about setting small achievable goals and sticking to a nutritional plan for life. A diet isn't for life which is why people don't stick to it. Its all about a lifestyle change, looking at your diet and highlighting where you are going wrong, educating yourself about nutrition (the amount of people I hear say 'that carbs are the devil', well thats a load of rubbish, eat too much of any macronutrient and thats just as bad as eating too many carbs, its all about moderation and getting it right) and understanding the importance of looking after yourself. 

You don't buy a new Iphone and damage that do you? NO.......you by a case for it and look after it. But why do so many people abuse their bodies by feeding it with crap and doing so little? I think its because they don't understand all of the above. However, change your mindset by understanding all of the above and then set some goals and then achieve them. Only then will you have made a lifestyle change as you have started to see the results. So stop with the excuses, invest time in yourself, mind, body and fitness.

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