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My body power expo experience...

Hey guys, 

First of all thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog. I haven't really been on here a lot lately, its been so mad busy juggling mummy duties and my own business. I am sure all you busy mummies can relate to this. Its tough right?!! 

Anywayyyyyyy, last weekend I went to body power. For anyone that doesn't know its an annual fitness event at Birmingham NEC over  3 days. Lots of health and fitness professionals head over there to promote their businesses, sell their brands and products. Or people like me head over there to grab some deals and get some tips/ideas. We went down on the Saturday, so probably the busiest day of the event. We had to que for 20 minutes (despite booking our tickets in advance), I didn't mind this so much- was chance to grab a coffee. I already checked out the line up for the day in relation to guest speakers so kinda knew what I wanted to get to. 

So when we got there pretty much everyone was in 'active wear', which I expected. I had a massive dilemma the night before as to what to wear, I decided to join the crowd and wear my 'active wear' LOL (whilst writing this thinking of this hilarious video -CHECK IT OUT, ITS HILARIOUS). There were lots of 'big' men, very tanned people, lots of girls in the latest gym gear and crop tops. I am trying to describe it so you have a good picture in your mind. The atmosphere was buzzing, a really motivating vibe which was great!! 

First stop we listened to Ben Coomber's 25 reasons why you aren't losing fat. This was a great talk, a lot of the points I could relate to in regards to my clients. He talked about having the right mindset in order to achieve your health and fitness goals. For example, I quite often hear people say 'oh well I was so tired so didn't make the gym or I grabbed something quick to eat as couldn't be bothered to cook'. Ben was saying you need to ask yourself why you didn't make the gym and why you grabbed something quick to eat. The answer probably is; you went to bed too late so didn't get enough sleep hence was tired in the morning. Why did you go to bed late? probably because like most people these days you spend hours in bed browsing social media (I am guilty of this sometimes too). So its acknowledging this and then highlighting what needs to change. So in this instance, maybe going to bed an hour earlier. Allowing yourself an hour to browse social media (if this is your thing) and then at say 10pm you put your phone down and you go to sleep. You would then probably find you get 8 hours good quality sleep so then make good choices in relation to your health and fitness. So this was one of Bens examples, you kinda get the idea as to what I'm getting at. Its about recognising the obstacles that are preventing you to make that step to achieving your goals and setting up a plan as to how you will overcome these obstacles. 


Anyway, that was a great talk from Ben. We then browsed through many other stands, obviously had to go to the 'Grenade" stand. I stocked up on carb killa bars, my new fav is the cookie dough flavour. You should try it, its amazing. So for those that havent heard of grenade they are a protein bar but unlike others they are low in sugar and actually taste like you are eating something naughty. You can find them in places like Holland and Barratt and I have recently found them in Sainsbury's. Otherwise google them online and you can bulk buy. I would definitely recommend giving them a try. I don't eat these everything day, this is to my 'go to' if I am out and about and can't grab something fresh/high in protein to eat. 

The main reason why I wanted to write this blog is that I came away from the fitness event feeling buzzing, motivated but equally quite sad. Those of you that went may ask why did you feel sad? I felt sad as I can see why so many young girls and boys have anxiety around health and fitness. Nowadays there is so much pressure to look the 'right way', train in a certain way or try the latest fitness fad. To the point that the reason why we should live a healthy lifestyle is lost. In my opinion health and fitness is about keeping yourself 'healthy' both physically and mentally. Surely it doesn't matter what type of exercise you are doing as long as you enjoy it and it is keeping you healthy. There is so much pressure nowadays to conform to a certain training style. Its great that there is so much knowledge and content out there to help people. But you could argue that there is too much. For someone who is new to exercise may now question which fitness activity/programme they should embark in, what should they wear at the gym, what diet should they follow etc. When really its simple to me, choose something you enjoy (that may be hiking, walking, running, lifting weights, cycling, fitness groups/classes) and stick to it. If you enjoy it you will more than likely stick to the programme. Thats not to say that if you are training for a marathon you don't need to follow a programme. Of course you do, when I trained for a marathon I was running 4 times a week along with cross-training. Regarding nutrition, ignore all those fad diets, they really don't work. You might do a no carb diet leading up to your holiday and lose say 1/2 stone but I guarantee you put the weight back on. You ask yourself why? Because it is sooooooo extreme. In order to lose weight you simply need to move more, eat less (be in a calorie deficit) providing your mindset is right . If you are reading this and are a busy mummy don't cut out carbs you need them after all you are probably running around after your children! Carbs are great sources of energy. So nutrition is simple to me, eat a balanced diet and eat those 'naughty things' in moderation. Don't cut them out, just learn to say no. For example, if you fancy a biscuit add it into your calories for that day but stop at the 1 biscuit don't eat the whole packet!! If you would like more information on nutrition drop me a DM.  


Anyway I digress...... I was trying to say that if you are new to health and fitness out there. Ask yourself what your goal is before you start any programme and choose something that will help you achieve this. Well done for making the move to exercising more and eating better. Health and fitness shouldn't have this overwhelming anxiety, it should be simple. Move more, eat less. Who cares if you are wearing a old gym t shirt that is 10 years old and you aren't in the latest gym gear. You have made the step to living a healthier lifestyle. 

Well done for taking that step to achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you want any more tips or have any questions surrounding this block just ask I am more than happy to help. 

P.S whilst I was there I met this fella, quite the height difference hey! I am sure he said he was 7ft 4, I am a measly 4ft 11! pretty hilarious I think. 

Cheers to health and happiness 

Mari-Carmen xxx 

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