Pregnancy and Post Natal Training

Since having my son in February 2017, training throughout my pregnancy and then returning to fitness soon after,  has made me realise how important it is for new mums and pregnant mums to remain fit and healthy before and after their pregnancy. I had a c-section with my little boy and was back to the gym after 6 weeks, prior to the 6 weeks I was walking a lot and healed very quickly. I put this down to being very fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy. I am now expecting my 2nd baby due in March 2019. I plan to continue with my exercise regime (change intensity as I progress through the trimesters) for as long as feels comfortable.

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This picture to the left shows progression over a 10 month period. Photo on the left was taken 8 weeks after birth. Photo on the right was taken 10 months after having my son. Getting into this condition took time and patience. The way the media displays celebrities beach body ready only 12 weeks after having a baby is not realistic neither safe. If you are a new mummy remember to be patient; it took 9 months to make your bundle of joy so expect it to take 9 months to get back to pre baby weight.

I am a fully qualified Pre and Post Natal Fitness instructor and aim to help pregnant ladies/new mums embark on their fitness journey safely and effectively. I can help you with;

  • Preparation for labour

  • Gain key muscle strength to aid labour

  • Education around adequate pelvic floor exercises

  • Nutrition during pregnancy and post natal

  • Restore core strength in the post natal period

  • Help gain adequate alignment and posture

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy and in the post natal period. Here are just a few of the reasons why exercising can help you and your baby.

  • Strengthen muscles thus aid/prepare for labour

  • Increase pelvic floor and core strength

  • Better posture and alignment

  • Shorter labour

  • Increase mood

  • Increase quality of sleep

  • Quick recovery time after birth

My Pre and Post Natal Qualifications:

*Pre and Post Natal Fitness Trainer with Discovery Learning UK.

*Advanced Post natal training with Burrell Education.

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My lovely mummies looking strong

My lovely mummies looking strong

Post Natal Personal Training Package

Core Restore

Have you just had a baby? Unsure what exercises are safe to do? Want to strengthen core muscles ? Want to lose those extra baby weight pounds?

This 6 week post natal personal training package is suitable for mums in their early stages of the post natal period. The aim of this programme is to help you gain core and pelvic floor strength. This programme will include various functional movements that can help day-to-day activity as a busy mummy, whilst strengthening key muscles post baby. I will also spend time with you discussing nutrition and coping mechanisms to help you with your busy family lives. Please bring along your baby to the sessions if you wish.

What will this package include?

*Initial consultation including assessment of diastasis recti

*Postural and alignment assessment

*6 1 hour 1:1 personal training sessions in my private studio

*Special attention to core and pelvic floor

*Nutrition to suit you in this early post natal period

*Manual to take home which includes exercises to be done at home

*Help with regaining positive self image following baby.

The aim of this 6 week programme is to help you start your journey on regaining core and pelvic floor strength ready to embark upon your ‘normal’ exercise routines/vigorous exercise at a later date in the near future once core and pelvic floor are restored.

How much will this cost?

£270 for 6 week package (can be paid in instalments)